IRS Stimulus Check Phone Number: How to call about your payment

"IRS Stimulus Check Phone Number"

Missing a stimulus check and need to call the IRS? We can help. If your first or second stimulus check never arrived or you have questions about the third round of checks, we’ve got everything you need to know about how to track your money, file for missing payment, or contact the IRS using the IRS Stimulus Check Phone Number. However, before you call the IRS, scroll below to see if the question you are calling about is already answered here. As you can imagine, more people are calling the IRS to check on their stimulus check. It is estimated […]

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IRS Stimulus Check Portal (Get Payment Status – 2021)

"IRS Stimulus Check Portal"

If you are looking for the IRS stimulus check portal to track your stimulus payment, we can help. Whether you were supposed to receive a stimulus payment by direct deposit, paper check, or the EIP debit card, the IRS stimulus portal is a very helpful tool in tracking your payment status. Before we provide the website information and what you can do with it, here’s what you need to know: First, we will address what you can do if you did not receive your first stimulus check for $1,200 or the second stimulus check for $600. Next, we will explain […]

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Is Social Security Income Taxable in 2021?

"Is Social Security Income Taxable"

One of the most popular questions we get from Social Security applicants and new beneficiaries is whether Social Security income is taxable.  The simplest answer is yes, Social Security is taxable at the federal level and even in some states. This usually comes as a surprise to many new Social Security beneficiaries. That is because, after working their entire lives and having Social Security payroll taxes withheld from their paychecks, many workers feel like they’ve earned their Social Security benefits and are not sure why they have to pay taxes on them. In this post, we will explain why Social Security […]

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